Best Original Music / Soundtrack for The Polymorph Extra "Leonor's Lullaby" short animated musical movie


It's just a-ma-zing! imrsv records™ is really proud to announce to you that THE POLYMORPH EXTRA first short animated musical movie "LEONOR'S LULLABY" just won the Best Original Music / Soundtrack award at CHANDLER INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Arizona, USA). 

We are really really reeeaaaallyyy proud of POLYMORPH EXTRA music department work! It's a great and encouraging achievement. First official selection, and boom... first international award! 

imrsv record™ would like to warmly thank the wonderful crew of Chandler International Film Festival for selecting Polymorph Extra work and then awarding their great work! And we also would like to warmly thank Ker Sound Studios Shanghai (Benjamin L'Hotellier & Greg Yu) who heavily supported and collaborated to this first success! imrsv records™ and Polymorph Extra wouldn't make it without Ker Sound Studios wonderful immersive audio work for mix and mastering. 

This first Polymorph Extra award, is not only to highlight a great soundtrack, it is for us more a great teamwork achievement. Congrats to everyone involved in this first and great encouraging success! 


It is also a great privilege for imrsv records™ and THE POLYMORPH EXTRA to invite you to buy your tickets for Chandler International Film Festival because LEONOR'S LULLABY will be screened for the first time ever in USA on January 15th 2017 from 5pm in the ANIMATED SHORT group. 

more info here

Long life to Chandler International Film Festival and thanks a lot for your support !